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Lazy Linker 0.1.7

v0.1.6长时间点击而不是悬停 您是否曾经在文章的中间看到过一些链接,这些链接将您指向谁知道在哪里?你通常很好奇它会带你去哪里。也许这是一个很酷的补充图片,或..

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Lazy Linker
Lazy Linker
Lazy Linker
Lazy Linker

Lazy Linker简介

v0.1.6 Long click instead of hover

Have you ever been in the middle of an article and seen a few links that direct you to who knows where? You’re usually curious about where it’ll take you. Maybe it’s a cool supplementary picture, or video. Maybe it’s a wikipedia article that helps bolster some facts. If you’re like me, you probably never clicked on these links. It’s a hassle, and breaks you away from the flow of the article.

This extension grabs whatever’s hiding in those links and displays it quickly and seamlessly on the same page of your article. Just long-click over the styled links!






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