Save the Internet

Save the Internet 0.13.0

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Save the Internet
Save the Internet
Save the Internet
Save the Internet

Save the Internet简介

“Save the Internet” is the perfect companion for your Desktop. It allows you to quickly extract and save the content from inside a web page.

With a simple right-click save images, documents, PDFs, and even torrents where you need them to be.

Polite’s Save the Internet extension adds a right-click context menu to allow you to:

* Save media directly to Desktop
* Edit images before saving them.
* Save an entire web page as an image.
* Handle torrents and magnets automatically by your account.
* One-click access to Desktop and Library.

The extension automatically detects the content you can save, and documents, photos, music, and videos are saved in an open format. We only show you the saving destinations compatible with your content.

This extension has been designed exclusively for the Polite Toolbox’s members. You can learn more about us at (

Polite is the Slow Web platform for creative minds from the team behind Netvibes, the Jolibook, and Jolicloud.


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