Grid Ruler

Grid Ruler 0.2.1

它允许您创建垂直和水平网格,Photoshop风格。 它有一个标尺来测量网格之间的距离。 # 使用方法: -从主垂直/水平标尺拖动以创建网格。 -点击垂直标尺和..

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Grid Ruler
Grid Ruler

Grid Ruler简介

It allow you to creates vertical and horizontal grids, Photoshop style.

It has a ruler to measure distance between your grids too.

#How to use:
- drag from main vertical/horizontal ruler to create grids.
- click on intersection of vertical ruler and horizontal ruler to go into ruler mode.
- while in ruler mode, hold <Shift> key to get a straight line.




# 使用方法:
-在标尺模式下,按住 <Shift> 键以获得一条直线。


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