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Say goodbye to bad expense management!

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Say goodbye to bad expense management! Finly is your one stop solution to have complete visibility and control over your business expenses.

Schedule a product demo for your organization by writing to us at

How does it work?

Finly helps you track and manage your business expenses from end-to-end. We are here to take away your worries about expense reporting, processing cash advance requests and reimbursements, utility bill payments, and most importantly keeping your accounting tool up-to-date. We have got it all covered for you.

1. Simply distribute Finly’s VISA Expense Cards with predefined spending limits to all your employees.
2. Spend using Finly Expense card, snap a picture of the receipt using Finly’s Mobile application and instantly report Expenses.
3. Use Finly’s Analytics Dashboard to get complete visibility on who spent how much and where in real-time.
4. Help your Finance team easily process business expense data and synchronise it with your accounting tool.

What can we help you with?

Expense report automation, petty cash management, travel expense management, digital marketing spends, b2b and utility bill payments.

You no longer need to rely on sharing Credit Cards or allow your Employees to incur out of pocket expenses. Employees can now spend using our Prepaid Card at ATMs, Online Stores or make In store purchase, of course at the discretion of the Employer.

Say bye to spreadsheets and say hi to Finly for better expense management!


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