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Privacy Pass 2.0.7

隐私通行证扩展为用户提供了为支持隐私通行证协议的网站创建和签名加密盲令牌的能力。扩展会生成包含加密 “盲” 令牌的传递,这些令牌在解决挑战页面时由w..

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Privacy Pass
Privacy Pass
Privacy Pass

Privacy Pass简介

The Privacy Pass extension provides users with the ability to create and sign cryptographically blind tokens for websites that support the Privacy Pass protocol. The extension generates passes containing cryptographically “blinded” tokens that are signed by the web server when a challenge page is solved. These tokens are “unblinded” and stored by the extension for future use; they are redeemed automatically when a future challenge page is seen. The “blinding” procedure means that signed and redeemed tokens are cryptographically unlinkable from the server perspective and, as such, are suitable for usage in conjunction with external privacy measures (such as s).


隐私通行证扩展为用户提供了为支持隐私通行证协议的网站创建和签名加密盲令牌的能力。扩展会生成包含加密 “盲” 令牌的传递,这些令牌在解决挑战页面时由web服务器签名。这些令牌是 “非盲” 的,并由扩展存储以备将来使用; 当看到未来的挑战页面时,它们会自动兑换。“盲化” 过程意味着,从服务器的角度来看,签名和兑换的令牌在密码上是不可链接的,因此,适合与外部隐私措施 (如) 结合使用。


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