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Notebook Web Clipper 2.0.2

Notebook Web Clipper:笔记本电脑电脑芯片 使用web Clipper将内容从Web剪辑到您的笔记本。被保存为便笺卡的剪辑内容将立即在您的设备上同步。通过notebook.zoho.com访问您的笔记卡。今天从

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Notebook Web Clipper
Notebook Web Clipper
Notebook Web Clipper
Notebook Web Clipper

Notebook Web Clipper 简介

Notebook Web Clipper

Clip content from the web to your Notebook with Web Clipper. Clipped content, saved as Note Cards, are immediately synced across your devices. Access your note cards through Download Notebook app on your devices today from and boost your productivity.

What can you clip?

* Be it a new recipe you want to try or the next place you want to visit, clip text, images, or links into a note card, and save to a specific notebook.
* Want to save an article for future reference? With Clean View, you can save the entire article as a note card, minus the ads.
* Need to quickly grab a screenshot of a web page? The ‘Screenshot’ option quickly saves the screenshot as a Photo Card. You can choose to clip the entire page, or the visible view or only a part of the page.
* Annotate images / screenshots before you add those in Notebook. We’ve added a complete annotation tool to edit your images.
* Add tags, reminders to note cards before you save those to Notebook.
* Convert any link to Smart Cards. Refer for more details on Smart Cards.
* Use Meeting Notes to take quick notes on an online meeting using Zoom, Cisco Webex, Zoho Meeting and Zoho Showtime.

Web Clipper can also be used to create note cards. Have a quick thought you want to note without leaving your browser? Create a quick note from scratch right from your browser. You can also add photos directly from your computer to Web Clipper.

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使用web Clipper将内容从Web剪辑到您的笔记本。被保存为便笺卡的剪辑内容将立即在您的设备上同步。通过notebook.zoho.com访问您的笔记卡。今天从下载设备上的笔记本应用程序,并提高您的工作效率。


* 它是一个新的食谱,你想尝试或你想访问的下一个地方,剪辑文本,图像或链接到一个便条卡,并保存到一个特定的笔记本。
* 想保存一篇文章以备日后参考?使用Clean View,您可以将整个文章保存为便笺卡,减去广告。
* 需要快速抓取网页截图吗? ‘screenshot’ 选项快速将屏幕截图保存为照片卡。您可以选择剪辑整个页面,或可见视图或仅该页面的一部分。
* 注释图像/屏幕截图,你添加在笔记本中。我们添加了一个完整的注释工具来编辑您的图像。
* 添加标签,提醒注意卡保存到笔记本之前。
* 将任何链接转换为智能卡。有关智能卡的更多详细信息,请参阅。
* 使用会议笔记使用Zoom、Cisco Webex、Zoho Meeting和Zoho Showtime对在线会议进行快速记录。

Web Clipper也可用于创建便笺卡。有一个快速的想法,你想在不离开你的浏览器?从你的浏览器从头开始创建一个快速笔记。您还可以将照片直接从您的计算机添加到Web Clipper。



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