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我喜欢工作流,但由于我经常使用它,不得不离开当前的选项卡来获取我的笔记是令人沮丧的。 在工作流团队创建更好的或发布API之前,我做了一个方便的扩展,它将弹出您的..

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WorkFlowy Popup

WorkFlowy Popup简介

I love WorkFlowy, but because I use it so often, it’s frustrating to have to leave the current tab to get to my notes.

Until the WorkFlowy team creates a better one or releases an API, I’ve made this handy extension that will popup your WorkFlowy without interfering with your current tab.

I’ve already been using it pretty much every time I’ve needed to get to my WorkFlowy - it’s made using WorkFlowy even better 🙂

DISCLAIMER: I am (unfortunately) not affiliated with WorkFlowy and do not claim to take any credit for their amazing service. I simply wanted this functionality for personal use and figured others probably do as well.







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