Entity Explosion

Entity Explosion  

Say you're on a webpage about a particular thing ("entity"). Click on

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Entity Explosion
Entity Explosion

Entity Explosion 简介

Say you’re on a webpage about a particular thing (“entity”). Click on Entity Explosion to get information about that entity, and an explosion of links to other sites about that same entity.

Even before you click, the icon will light up red if the URL you are on matches a set of formats for which information may be available. Once you click, it will either turn green if it can find information, or black if it can’t.

The data provided is sourced from Wikidata, via the Wikidata Query Service, a site run by the Wikimedia Foundation. Entity Explosion is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation.

The URL and language (only) will only be sent out as a part of a query when you click the extension, so your browsing privacy is protected.

Some big sites it works on include: Wikipedia, iNaturalist, IMDB, PubMed, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube, VIAF, Facebook, Instagram, GBIF, and GeoNames, but in total there are over 5000 connected sites including libraries, galleries, museums, archives.

This extension is in development, so you can expect occasional changes. I would welcome feedback at https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Entity_Explosion


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