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Buzzer 简介

Different Buzzer Buttons for the Browser Toolbar

? Original Buzzer Sounds (High Quality)
? New Buzzer Sounds Just for Fun & Gaming
? Fast reactions for the special Moments
? Small Add-on – Ready for every Browser Size
? Monthly New Buzzer Buttons & Functions


SansBullshitSans Button
SansBullshitSans Button:Replace the font of a website with the font. Extension by
CrossfireX New Tab Game Theme
CrossfireX New Tab Game Theme:Includes HD images of the game CROSSFIRE X on every new tab page. For fans of battle royale..
Ukulele Tab Player
Ukulele Tab Player:Play ukulele tablature straight from your web browser!! just select the four line text.. example at:…..
Illy Notifications Monitor
Illy Notifications Monitor:Provides a UI to the notifications api in the Illyriad browser game. This allows you to monitor your accounts from any web page...
Don’t Make Me Watch
Don’t Make Me Watch:Keep ads from pausing when you switch to another tab..
Vincy As Pirate Fairy
Vincy As Pirate Fairy:Vincy is the beautiful girl who is living in the forest. One fine day,she loves to change her life as pirate fairy. This is the..