Skribbl Assistant

Skribbl Assistant 1.2.0

Skribbl Assistant:Fetches the wordlist and displays clickable hints based on the current word's pattern...

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Skribbl Assistant
Skribbl Assistant
Skribbl Assistant
Skribbl Assistant

Skribbl Assistant 简介

# How to use
– Press ALT to enable/disable Skribbl Assistant
– Click on a hint to submit it
– Type in the chatbox to highlight hints.

# Exact pattern matching:
_______ will suggest catfish
__ ____ will suggest Mr Bean
__-__ will suggest yo-yo

# Check out Github repository

# Notes
– Since, it uses a fixed wordlist, it may not suggest new words if updates the wordlist. Also, it will not work for custom words in private rooms
– Don’t click on multiple hints per second as rapidly submitting multiple words will result in getting kicked out by


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