Polymesh Wallet

Polymesh Wallet 0.5.4

Polymesh Wallet:Manage your Polymesh accounts outside of dapps. Injects the accounts and allows signing transactions for a specific account...

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Polymesh Wallet
Polymesh Wallet
Polymesh Wallet
Polymesh Wallet

Polymesh Wallet 简介

The new Polymesh Wallet is your gateway to the Polymesh Testnet through your Google Chrome browser.
With the Polymesh Wallet, you can:
Create and manage your keys, including organizing them by Polymesh ID, designating signing keys, and more.
Control transfers of POLYX and digital assets to and from your accounts to other accounts
Securely sign transactions
View and monitor the POLYX balance on each key
Connect to the Polymesh Dashboard and other Polymesh distributed apps (dApps) for enhanced benefits


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