Depop | Poppy Sales Bot

Depop | Poppy Sales Bot 2.0.2

A smart depop bot which helps you get more followers, make more sales from your depop listings...

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Depop | Poppy Sales Bot
Depop | Poppy Sales Bot
Depop | Poppy Sales Bot
Depop | Poppy Sales Bot

Depop 简介


Boost sales. Expand your reach.

The smartest bot for depop. Gain followers quickly, and make 2x the sales, while you relax

* Features of Poppy Depop bot

– Human-like behavior with Anti-Spam Protection
– Auto Liker feature likes all the photos of a user for you.
– Message to Likers feature lets you send messages to all likers of your items
– Poppy’s auto follow feature lets you follow all the users from your choice of top accounts around depop
– Pause + Resume
– Tracks your daily stats

* Why Poppy Depop Bot?

Automate your depop grind with this bot and maximize your daily potential while you save time. Without this, you’re only limited to what you can do on your phone.

Poppy Bot helps you go beyond capacity and do bulk actions for you while you relax.

* Is there a free trial?

Yes! We offer a 3-day free trial for you to test it out. NO credit card required.

* How do I get started?

Simply install the extension and head over to – to learn more

If you have any issues / feedback contact us at –


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