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We hate doing screengrabs. Do it yourself yo.

Load the atp Chrome extension to subtly replace existing ads on websites with your own DCM or Sizmek creatives. As a bonus you can get screengrabs directly from the extension so its just one Copy > Paste into Powerpoint.

Support added for iOS and Android user agent spoofing and browser dimensions so you can pretend like you did this on your phone as well.

1 – Disable Adblock
2 – Go to any website you like that has ads
3- Scroll to an ad on the page you want replaced with your own creative (with matching dimensions)
4 – Load the atp extension
5 – Paste in your DCM or Sizmek tag and hit ‘Find Slot and Replace’
6 – Your creative should now be present on the page, if you are happy with the result click ‘Click to Capture Screenshot’
7 – Copy screenshot and paste into Powerpoint / Keynote / Email
8 – Profit


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