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Merch Database:Merch by Amazon database tool to provide a revolutionary way to analyze your data...

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Merch Database

Merch Database 简介

Introducing Merch Database

Looking for a revolutionary new way to Organize, Manage, Analyze & Grow your Merch by Amazon account?

Merch Database is your solution for effective Merch by Amazon management in a simple and easy to use Chrome Extension.

Try our powerful Merch by Amazon analytics completely risk-free for 30 days with our 100% money-back guarantee. Sign up today and if you are not completely satisfied with our application, for any reason, just cancel your subscription within the first 30 days and we will refund 100% of your subscription fee.

Get more information and activate your License Key

– Purchase your License key (FREE for Tiers 100 & Below) on our Gumroad Subscription Page. You will need an active license key to use Merch Database –

– Watch our overview video on YouTube for more information about our powerful tool –

– Visit our website for information about our Merch Database tool, video walkthroughs and personalized support –

– Explore our video walkthroughs for guided information on how to setup and use the Merch Database toolset –

Merch Database Overview:

Merch Database offers three primary tools to help Merch by Amazon sellers benefit from the data unique to their account inventory and sales.

First, an Extended Dashboard (see above) provides valuable snapshots of data to help account owners quickly track sales, uploads and product data. Some of our unique dashboard features include:

• Quick view of sales for all products over timeframes that include weekly, monthly, annual, and all-time statuses

• Quick view of best-selling product types

• Products uploaded over different time ranges to help track upload progress by VA’s and to help users stay motivated to maximize upload opportunities

• Easy to read stats and charts to help guide your progress at a glance in your Merch Adventure!

Next, a detailed Manage Products interface gives users an in-depth perspective of your total Merch by Amazon inventory. Some of our powerful manage products features include:

• Organization and breakdown of products by type, status, published date, days to expiration, price and much more.

• See and filter product bullet points and descriptions for easy editing

• Find and replace functionality to identify any word within any listing within your product database – perfect for finding and resolving any newly trademarked word, phrase or description within a listing.

• Select and edit multiple listings – perfect for users looking to add or remove specific phrases to like-grouped listings

• Ability to view a record of keywords to simplify the relisting process

• Creation & Organization of niche categories to help group and track your products

Finally, our Analytical Reports section provides users with powerful, detailed analytics, enabling account holders to dive deep into what is working within an account to help optimize and grow the results in Merch by Amazon. Some of our exciting Reports features include:

• Selectable reports that will breakdown unique sales data in easy to understand graphs, including targeted information related to product color, gender, and niche.

• All reports exportable to Excel

• Never worry about knowing which products you have live or when you last changed a bullet point.

• Best of all, with a subscription, users can sign up to have reports emailed on a regular basis, providing the ability to see the growth of an account over time!

Merch Database is committed to the security and privacy of our user’s data. With that in mind, we provide our users with the unique ability to rest assured that the information in your Merch by Amazon account is 100% secure. Our software utilizes 128-bit encryption, as well as the ability to purge all your stored data and settings from our system on a session by session basis with one simple click at the end of each session.

In the future we plan on providing so much more to the Community of Merch by Amazon by providing reports that you, the user want to see.

The team at Merch Database are early adopters of Merch by Amazon and also FBA sellers for many years. We are here to make your Merch Adventure more Fun & more Profitable.

If you have a new idea for a report, or if we can help in any way with questions, please feel free to drop us a note at and our team will be in touch with you promptly.


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