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The FKing Github

The FKing Github 简介


1. After you install The Fucking Github, you can easily view the repositories you have already stared by simply clicking on its icon.
2. You can easily tag the repositories you have already stared with, and you can quickly search for them by these tags.
3. It’s easier to go to the homepage of the developers you are following or followed you.
4. Do you want a table of content when you look at the Readme for some repositories and want to be able to copy the sample code inside with just one mouse click? The Fucking Github do it.
5. Search for your starred repositories by name, owner, description, language and whether they have been tagged.
6. Easier to search for repositories on Github and make it easier to find the one you need by comparing the Readme and the number of stars for each item you searched for.
7. Cross-platform, data synced via Google Account.
8. No pro! No advanced! It’s free and open source!


1. 在安装并启动了 The Fucking Github 之后,你就可以通过简单地点击它的图标就能查看那些你已经 star 过的项目。
2. 你可以给那些你已经 star 过的项目打标签,然后你就可以很轻松地通过这些标签找到它们。
3. 你可以很轻松地访问那些你已经关注或者关注你的用户的 Github 主页。
4. 当你在查看某些项目的 README 文档时你是否想要一个目录树呢?或者想要能够只点击一下鼠标就可以复制里面的代码块呢?通过 The Fucking Github,你可以。
5. 你可以通过项目的名字、作者、描述、语言和你是否已经给打过标签来快速地搜索你已 star 过的项目。
6. 很方便就能搜索 Github 上的项目,并且要查看他们的 README 文档或者对比 star 数量很轻松,这样你就能很快地找到那个你需要的项目。
7. 因为是 Chrome 浏览器的扩展,所以 The Fucking Github 是跨平台的,并且通过 Google 账户进行数据同步,即使你有多台电脑,有多个版本的 Chrome 浏览器,数据照样能同步。
8. 不会有 Pro!也不会有高级版!开源免费!


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