GTA HD Wallpapers New Tab

GTA HD Wallpapers New Tab

GTA HD Wallpapers New Tab:Replace your new tab with the GTA Custom page, with bookmarks,apps, games and GTA wallpaper...

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GTA HD Wallpapers New Tab
GTA HD Wallpapers New Tab

GTA HD Wallpapers New Tab 简介

GTA HD Wallpapers New Tab extension by LovelyTab. Install it for the greatest browsing experience. Open interesting news, facts and play games for free while enjoying your favorite HD Theme and Wallpapers.


– This GTA V, Grand Theft Auto extension is so simple and just by clicking on Add to chrome – it will be added automatically.
– In the upper left corner, click on settings to customize all options according to your needs.
– Enjoy best wallpapers and free widgets while browsing


– Local Time Option – changes no matter where you are
– The weather will match your current destination as well
– Bookmark favorite websites with just one click with our new GTA san andreas wallpaper extension.
– Play games for free by clicking at the joystick in the upper left corner
– Read related news and interesting facts – Grand Theft Auto Vice City wallpaper extension allows you to customize and add/remove these options

Within this extension, you will find almost all related backgrounds and you can enjoy browsing with your favorite themes, fanart, apps, cool wallpapers, full HD images, and even 4K material.


– Click on the horizontal three dots in the upper right corner of your Chrome Browser, go to settings, click on ‘Extensions’ and find the one you want to install. Click on the trash can icon and that’s it, or
– Just right click at the heart-shaped button in your toolbar and click on ‘Remove from Chrome’

GTA Wallpapers New Tab is an extension made by fans for fans and the copyright belongs to the respective owners of the material. It is unofficial and if there should be any problem please alert us and we will resolve it.
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