Zest – The Zendesk Colour Coder

Zest – The Zendesk Colour Coder 1.1

Zest – The Zendesk Colour Coder:Colour code Zendesk tickets to help visualize and organise your workflow. Developed by Nevin George..

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Zest – The Zendesk Colour Coder
Zest – The Zendesk Colour Coder

Zest – The Zendesk Colour Coder简介

What is Zest? To put it simply, it’s an easy way to organise your Zendesk tickets!
Zest will allow you to customize your ticket view that little extra by allowing you to personally colour code your tickets. Not only by the standard priority (low-high), but by any field/category that is specific to your organisation.

How do you use Zest? Simply click the icon on the top right of your chrome browser, type in the category you want coloured, choose a colour and click add. Refresh your Zendesk page to see the changes take effect.
Changing the colour of a category is easy too, just click on the colour next to the category name, change it and refresh the Zendesk page.

How does Zest work? It changes the styling of the page to add a background to each row. No specific network requirements, no reading files on your machine (except for chrome stored data that was created by the extension).

Got more questions? Feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns for yourself or for your business.

Enjoy using Zest?
Please consider leaving a rating on the extension so it can reach out to more people.
Also consider supporting me via paypal.me/NevGZCC (completely optional, this extension will remain free for all users regardless).


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