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Email Finder by
Email Finder by
Email Finder by
Email Finder by

Email Finder by 简介 is a free LinkedIn email finder which allows you find personal and business emails in LinkedIn profiles for free, just one click to find an email address on any LinkedIn profile or to find email addresses in the LinkedIn search results.

With, prospecting for sales and marketing becomes very easy and productive.

# What you’ll be able to do

★ LinkedIn Email Finder
The Email Finder integrates smartly with your LinkedIn account and allows you to find emails from LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn searches. The process of extracting emails from LinkedIn is fast and reliable. You can find emails in seconds and tunnel them to your online directory.

Learn more about our email finder at

★ Bulk Email Finder for LinkedIn Search Results
Are you continually browsing LinkedIn searches to find leads for your business? Our Email Finder integration with LinkedIn searches makes it easier for you. With the Email Finder, you can now find emails directly from LinkedIn searches and save all of the data in your dashboard. It works on regular LinkedIn accounts and also on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

★ Leads Directory
Our web application helps you gather data of your leads (name, email, title, company, LinkedIn URL) in lists and export your it to Excel and CSV spreadsheets.
You can access your information anytime and from anywhere.

# Who is this tool for?

✔ Sales professionals
✔ Lead generation teams
✔ Recruiters
✔ Human resource professionals
✔ Business executives, Business analysts & Marketing consultants

# Getting started

Starting to work with takes only a few steps:
– First of all, install the Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store (click on “Add to Chrome”)
– Then, create a ColdLead account, this takes a few seconds.
– Finally, start building your targeted email lists to connect with people that matter to your business. ensures that you have more:

✔ Accurate and updated information
✔ Increasing sales and recruiting productivity
✔ Develop more business opportunities
✔ Save your time and avoid doing manual web scraping

Join right now and get 100 free email credits/month.

For any further questions, feel free to contact us.


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