Arcane Wallet

Arcane Wallet 1.0.3

Arcane Wallet:A bitcoin wallet extension for chrome..

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Arcane Wallet

Arcane Wallet 简介

New updated version 1.0.3

To understand more about our goal and our purpose and how we’re planning to change digital economy please visit the this link:

We finally bettered the appearance like we promised, the more you review the better we will get!

This wallet is as simple and functional as it gets, we haven’t added lighting network or customization yet, however inside the spectrum of our aspirations we certainly plan to integrate both lighting network, and complete customization.

◻️Arcane Wallet supports main and test-net transactions.

◻️Developers who are interest in using our wallet for development are welcome to use testnet mode.

◻️Simply authenticate your transaction with your transaction password. Transfer bitcoin efficiently with your mobile phone.

◻️User our software to generate your credentials offline, which keeps them completely private in your device.

◻️All code is open for external audit and updates are thoroughly tested before being released to the public.

◻️Our wallet is free to use and the code can be inspected in its entirety by anyone who wishes to.

◻️We welcome feedback from the community. Get in touch on our contacts and tell us what features you want to see next.


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