NX Enhanced

NX Enhanced 4.5.1

NX Enhanced:Adds quality-of-life features to NextDNS website for a more practical usability..

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NX Enhanced
NX Enhanced
NX Enhanced
NX Enhanced

NX Enhanced 简介

Current features:

Logs page:

* Allow/Deny buttons in the logs that make it possible to add an exception or block a domain without needing to copy, switch pages, and paste

* Specify domains that should be hidden from the logs, enabling you to filter out noisy or irrelevant domains

* Ability to load only the logs that happened before a specified date-time

* Option to show only queries from unnamed devices

* An option to show the number of entries currently loaded, either visible or hidden by filters

* Show the query’s absolute time (HH:MM:SS) along with the relative time (“a minute ago”, “few seconds ago”)

* A refresh button

Allowlist/Denylist pages:

* Add a description for each domain in the allow/denylists

* Add a list of domains, instead of one by one

* Sort the allow/deny lists alphabetically

* Styling options for the domains for an easier quick reading, such as: lighten subdomains, bold root domain and right-align

Settings page:

* Ability to export/import all settings from/to a config

Privacy page:

* Collapse the list of blocklists enabled and adds a button to expand them if needed

* Sort alphabetically the list of blocklists in the “Add a blocklist” screen

Security page:

* Collapse the list of added TLDs and adds a button to expand them if needed

* A button that allows you to add every TLD in the “Add a TLD” screen in one click


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