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Thread Saver:Extract Twitter threads into a single page to import or share anywhere...

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Thread Saver

Thread Saver 简介

Save your Twitter Threads with Thread Saver
Do you ever find long Twitter threads you wish you could just save somewhere quickly and easily? Thread Saver is the #1 tool to save all those great twitter threads you discover.

* Save entire Twitter threads at the click of a button.
* It converts an entire twitter threads to a single html page.
* Share, print, or send your Twitter thread anywhere (like Notion!).

1. Install the extension via the Chrome Extension Store
2. Scroll to the LAST tweet in the thread. This is important because all tweets need to be loaded to the page.
3. Click the save icon. A new tab will open with the entire thread.
4. Save, share, copy, or whatever you want to do with it


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