Threadit for Chrome

Threadit for Chrome 1.14

Threadit for Chrome:Short video recordings to share work, connect your team, and get your day back...

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Threadit for Chrome
Threadit for Chrome
Threadit for Chrome
Threadit for Chrome

Threadit for Chrome 简介

Tired of spending too much time in back-to-back meetings and lengthy chat discussions? So are we.

That’s why we built Threadit — short video recordings to share work, connect your team, and help you get your day back. Simply record yourself and anything on your screen to get started.

With the Threadit chrome extension, you can:
* Record from anywhere, just click the Threadit logo in the bookmark bar
. Don’t forget to pin the chrome extension.
* Show your face and share anything on your screen.

* Create short video clips that stitch together into a cohesive video.

* Integrate seamlessly with Gmail and record directly from an email.
* Send to anyone you want — just copy a Threadit link to share.
* Measure engagement and get notified when someone watches your video

The next time you need to send a project update, host a training, or walk through a demo — send a Threadit. Take back control of how and when you communicate with this new visual way to work together, on your time. 

Threadit, brought to you by Google’s Area 120 incubator. Working remotely just got easier.


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