Call of Duty War Zone Online Wallpapers

Call of Duty War Zone Online Wallpapers 0.0.1

Call of Duty War Zone Online wallpapers bring your chrome a new look and useful tools..

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Call of Duty War Zone Online Wallpapers 简介

Call of Duty War Zone Wallpapers and New Tab extension brings a fresh look to your default
Chrome New Tab page. With every Chrome browser or new tab launch, you will enjoy the Call of Duty War Zone wallpapers.

All features:

Random wallpapers: Get a random wallpaper for your browser’s new tab page.

One fixed wallpaper: You may want a fixed wallpaper you always want to see,
then just click on an image listed in the backgrounds section. You can revert this in the settings section.

Search box: Search the entire web within the extension.

Quick Links: Quickly access to the most popular social media websites.

Popular Games: Play handpicked HTML5 games listed in the Popular Games section.


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