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Crumbs:Take back control of your personal data and stop pesky trackers...

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Crumbs 简介

Protect your privacy. It’s easy and free!

Take back control of your personal data and stop pesky trackers.
Welcome to the new age of privacy, where users are in control of their online identity. Crumbs protects your privacy and fosters a user-friendly and transparent web.

★ Block tracking and malicious cookies
★ Protect your email address with Crumbs Email Relay
★ Get transparent and visualized control of your data
★ Support a fair and sustainable web

★ Protect your privacy
The best online privacy capabilities for free.
Crumbs users benefit from a wide range of privacy tools that run discreetly in the background to protect them from being tracked across the web.

Privacy tools built into Crumbs:
– Blocking trackers and tracking-cookies
– Proxying advertising requests so advertisers can’t see your location
– Stripping the URLs of tracking parameters
– Sending the right privacy signals (Do Not Track and Global Privacy Control)

★ Your email is a key to your identity, protect it.
Protect yourself from being tracked across websites based on your primary email address. Hiding your email with an email alias helps you avoid some common pains of web living:
Prevent cross-site tracking
Subscribe to content walls quickly
Prevent data breaches if a service leaks your password
Hide yourself from spam – if your alias gets sold you can put it on pause

★ Cookie pop-ups, be gone!
Activate the Crumbs Cookie Consent Management and automatically ignore common cookie walls all over the internet.

★ Be in control of your data
A revolutionary approach to managing your data privately on your device.
Crumbs protects your privacy and ensures no one can profile you as an individual. Furthermore, you can control your online identity and anonymously share your interests in order to support the free web!


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