COIN Machine

COIN Machine

COIN Machine:Coin-Operated Inter-Net Machine..

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COIN Machine
COIN Machine
COIN Machine
COIN Machine

COIN Machine 简介

Please activate the Coin-Operated Inter-Net Machine. Simply add this extension to your Chrome browser. Thank you.

The COIN Machine offers cutting-edge, exclusive “Web Surfing features”. It unlocks the browser’s hidden ability to collect coins from commonplace web browsing actions, then spend those coins on “WebPage Enhancements”.

The Inter-Net is an odd place. But it’s much better when you run it through the COIN Machine. The COIN Machine offers reliable “WebPage Functionality” and a streamlined, state-of-the-art assistant, called COBA, which stands for Coin-Operated Browsing Assistant. COBA is the next Clippy of our time.

COBA is a COIN Machine that will enrich and augment your Web Browsing experience. COBA celebrates your browsing talents and awards you coins for using the Inter-Net. Once you’ve collected enough coins, you can purchase up to six different “WebPage Enhancements”, including but not limited to:

– an “explosive” WebPage Bomb
– new and stylish cursors for your mouse
– Edit and Design mode for unleashing your creativity
– a fashionable and stellar Disco Ball that really brings the technicolor
– advanced Word Swap technology
– and an ultramodern Media Swap system

Upgrade your browser and surf the web safely and in style with the all new COIN Machine!


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