Poshmark Sidekick

Poshmark Sidekick 1.0.5

Poshmark Sidekick creates an easy way to view your closet and share items quickly...

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Poshmark Sidekick
Poshmark Sidekick

Poshmark Sidekick 简介

Poshmark Sidekick converts your ordinary Poshmark closet into an optimized sharing experience by making it easy to share items effortlessly to organize your closet. Poshmark Sidekick is unique, as it creates a pleasant item sharing experience without the use of automation. Automated bots are prohibited on the Poshmark platform, making this option applicable for all Poshers! Share more, while following Poshmark terms of service, Subscribe Now!

*** Poshmark Sidekick does not currently work correctly when ListPerfectly plugin is enabled. Please disable before use. ***


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