Mouse Pinch-To-Zoom

Mouse Pinch-To-Zoom 1.0

Mouse Pinch-To-Zoom:Zoom in on a specific part of the website, like you would with a touchpad!..

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Mouse Pinch-To-Zoom
Mouse Pinch-To-Zoom
Mouse Pinch-To-Zoom

Mouse Pinch 简介

Mouse Pinch-To-Zoom allows you to zoom in and out on a website without making everything huge and unreadable!

It works like pinch-to-zoom on a touchpad or a touchscreen, but all you need is a mouse wheel.

The extension offers two activation modes:
• Zoom by turning the mouse wheel while holding the Alt key
• Zoom by turning the mouse wheel while holding the right mouse button

You can also customize the speed and smoothness. All the settings are easily accessible by clicking on the extension logo.

Known bugs/imperfections:
• Zooming over an iframe (embedded content from another website) will zoom the inside of the iframe.
• Some websites might be incompatible. Feel free to email me with a bug report.


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