9th Toolbar Spacer

9th Toolbar Spacer 30.1.9

9th Toolbar Spacer:A partition icon for spacing the extension buttons on your toolbar..

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9th Toolbar Spacer
9th Toolbar Spacer

9th Toolbar Spacer 简介

Create some breathing room.

Manage and organize the extension buttons on your toolbar by adding a blank space, a divider icon, or your own keyboard icon.


Klima: Your online carbon footprint
Klima: Your online carbon footprint:An extension that will track your carbon footprint when using Google Search or watching videos on YouTube...
Daj Głos! podcast
Daj Głos! podcast:Powiadomienia RSS o najnowszych odcinkach podcastu Daj Głos!..
ChaZD 查字典,简洁易用的英汉字典扩展程序,支持划词哦:)..
youtube music playlist
youtube music playlist:youtubeのプレイリストを便利に。 Make a youtube play list more convenient...
Live Bookmarks
Live Bookmarks:A bookmark viewer to see all your bookmarks with screenshot of the webpage...
Compliance Deputy V4
Compliance Deputy V4:Designed to work in conjunction with Cryptzone's Compliance Sheriff®, Compliance Deputy is an on-demand browser-based s..