Beatport Key Changer

Beatport Key Changer 1.0

Beatport Key Changer:Adjust keys on to display however you'd like...

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Beatport Key Changer
Beatport Key Changer
Beatport Key Changer

Beatport Key Changer 简介

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the lack of functionality around Beatport and the various key notations like Camelot or Traktor’s Open Keys, this extension adds crucial missing functionality to the beatport website. Allowing the user to set custom key mappings, or easily toggle between the Camelot and Traktor key notation systems. Once configured on the settings page, the extension will automatically adjust the key data on to the users prefered notation.

This extension also adds the ability to click on a track key in the Beatport UI, and immediately be taken to a page where you can see all tracks that match that key!


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