Transcribe and caption Google Meet in real time, and save audio transcripts to your account...

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Stay engaged in your meetings and let capture conversations for you. offers the best automatic live transcription and note-taking experience for virtual and in-person meetings. is available in English across Web, iOS, Android, Zoom, and Google Meet.
The Chrome Extension lets you transcribe and caption Google Meet in real time, and save audio transcripts to your Otter account.

• Start Google Meet in your browser
• Click on the Chrome Extension icon to open the extension. Sign up or log in.
• Click on the Record button
• Click the CC button to open live captions
• Click the || button to pause, then either select Resume Recording or Stop Recording
• The audio transcript is automatically saved in your Otter account

• Email:
• Facebook: @OtterAI
• LinkedIn:
• Twitter: @Otter_ai
• Web:


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