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Simply Synonyms:A simple synonym finder for Google Chrome..

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Simply Synonyms
Simply Synonyms
Simply Synonyms
Simply Synonyms

Simply Synonyms 简介

A simple synonym finder, thesaurus and dictionary for Chrome. Double click any word on any website to find synonyms for it. This extension is perfect for improving your vocabulary, or finding alternative words quickly while writing emails, documents, etc.

– Double click any word to quickly access and replace synonyms, antonyms, definitions, and more
– Right click anywhere or press Alt+S to access a quick search thesaurus/dictionary box, options, help, etc.
– Sign in to the extension for extra features such as a weekly summary email
– Frequent automatic updates with new features and bug fixes (contact us if you want to request something!)
– And more!

This is Simply Synonyms beta – this means there are likely some small bugs and features that don’t yet work completely.

Simply Synonyms is also open-sourced at <> under the GPL-3.0 license. This ensures that the current version of the Simply Synonym extension’s source code and any variations of it will always be available to users.


Simply Synonyms is powered by the Merriam-Webster dictionary API. Simply Synonyms is not endorsed or sponsored by Merriam-Webster Inc.


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