Browse LinkedIn in Dark Theme

Browse LinkedIn in Dark Theme 0.0.3

Browse LinkedIn in Dark Theme:This extension implements dark theme for LinkedIn..

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Browse LinkedIn in Dark Theme

Browse LinkedIn in Dark Theme 简介

Have you always squinted your eyes whenever you browse through Linkedin?
Have you always wished there is a way to enable a dark mode for your Linkedin page?
Well, worry no more!
With this extension, you can begin to consume your Linkedin in dark mode…you can even toggle it on and off.
Now, we know that all it takes for this extension to break down is if the Linkedin team decided to change the structure of their front-end code.
They can.
And this is why the extension installed a toggle button in the first place.
In case a page is broken, just toggle it off and notify the developer.
He promise to fix it asap.

Why, you can even tinker with the css/js code here and submit a pull request:

This is a labour of love.

Enjoy and give a thumbs up.


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