ReRedd 0.1.0

ReRedd:Adds a new button to all Reddit comments, providing the functionality to "undelete" or "unedit" comments (view their past contents)..

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ReRedd 简介

NOTE: ReRedd is an unofficial addon for the website. ReRedd is an extension with no affiliation to or endorsement by Reddit, Inc.

Have you ever seen a deleted/removed comment on Reddit and wondered what it said? This extension will add a button that allows you to see what it originally said, i.e. “undelete” it!

This button is now added to ALL comments, which comes with the added functionality of viewing a comment’s original content, i.e. “unedit” it!

Please be aware that the comment must have had time to be archived. If the comment was edited, deleted, or removed too quickly, the original content will not be retrieved as it was not archived as public data.

For information, to report an issue, etc. please visit the r/reredd subreddit (a user-created subreddit)


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