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Sumer:Get a total duration by selecting a region with a list of durations..

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Sumer 简介

Sumer allows you to select a region containing durations (for example 4:34 or 1:32:03 etc) and adds them up to give you a total duration.

For example if you select 3:04 and 5:12 the total duration will be 8:16

This is useful when you want to check the total duration of albums on Bandcamp.

This is text based so using it on images or canvases (like on Soundcloud) wont work.

This is very experimental, just something I wanted to have one time so I decided to make it.

It probably wont work for you, there are no guarantees. But hopefully you might find it useful.


Duration of songs
Total duration
Total time
Add time
Add duration
Sum time
Sum duration
Calculate duration
Calculate time


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