RushLinq | LinkedIn Outreach Platform

RushLinq | LinkedIn Outreach Platform 1.0.0

RushLinq | LinkedIn Outreach Platform:With smart messaging cadence, Unlimited Hubspot & Email Finder Integrations..

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RushLinq | LinkedIn Outreach Platform
RushLinq | LinkedIn Outreach Platform

RushLinq 简介

Google & Facebook Ads are useful, but there’s an easier, more cost-effective, and faster way to capture high-quality leads and turn them into BUYERS.

Imagine having a tool that ensures you can send personalized connection requests, follow up messages, and lead tracking with just a click…

That’s what this is all about. It’s like an autopilot for LinkedIn™, but without the fear of crashing.

Introducing our newest software for LinkedIn™ Lead Generation: rushlinq.

A fast, safe, and reliable LinkedIn™ Outreach Automation Platform designed by LinkedIn™ Lead Generation Experts to simplify the way you make sales.

With automatic message sequence capabilities, smart response detection, Hubspot & Email Finder integrations, and much more, rushlinq is finally here to transform the way LinkedIn Lead Generation is done.


We use a 4-step system to ensure you can manage your incoming leads:

– Audience Targeting: Use basic LinkedIn™ search or Sales Navigator to define your target audience. Rushlinq will use the same search query for automation.
– Setup Connection Request Messages: Setup customized Connection Request Messages to send up to 100 invitations per profile a day.
– Setup Follow Up Messages: Stop worrying about what to say to those who don’t reply for the first time. Setup up to 6 customized Messages for each person so you don’t miss an opportunity.
– Sync your prospects to Hubspot: Sync LinkedIn™ profiles to HubSpot for easy lead nurturing and management. All messages on LinkedIn™ also get logged as activity automatically.

⭐ Why going ‘generic’ when you could go ‘custom’? ⭐

rushlinq is here to shake things up. This tool is a game-changing lead generation platform/extension to support businesses at any level with their lead generation efforts.

⭐ Works best with Sales Navigator! ⭐

Note: As soon as a response is received, no other follow-up will be sent, leaving you a clear opportunity to engage in conversation so you can seal the deal.

✔️ Signup for Free Account:

? Why Should You Choose rushlinq Instead Of Other Outreach Platforms?

rushlinq is brought to you by a LinkedIn™ Digital Marketing Agency, to ensure your lead generation experience is as smooth as possible. Unlike other tools like Meet Leonard, Linked Helper and Dux Soup, rushlinq is entirely customizable and user-friendly, making it easy to handle even for the less tech-savvy.

??‍♂️ Team Security:

With our team sync feature, you can make sure your accounts do not approach the same lead for a similar campaign and avoid confusion.

? Templates:

Save your templates to be re-used in any campaign.

? Reports:

Check and download your weekly reports to help you upgrade your campaign with the necessary data.

? Native CRM Integrations without Zapier Cost

– Automatically add prospects to HubSpot and systemize your sales tasks.
– Save profile to HubSpot with one-click.

? Email Finder:
– We integrate with Find That Lead, Email Hunter, toofr, Any Mail Finder, and others.
– Our Prospect section lets you find the email addresses at once with a click of a button.

The “rushlinq’’ browser extension is not endorsed or certified by LinkedIn™. All LinkedIn™ logos and trademarks displayed on this tool are property of LinkedIn™ only.

Reach us out. We’re cool people. ?

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Email: need the email

Team rushlinq


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