ATLAS by teleportHQ

ATLAS by teleportHQ 1.5

ATLAS by teleportHQ:Explore visually the structure of a web page, gain valuable insights, and detect design patterns and components automatically...

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ATLAS by teleportHQ
ATLAS by teleportHQ
ATLAS by teleportHQ
ATLAS by teleportHQ

ATLAS by teleportHQ 简介

ATLAS by teleportHQ is a plugin which allows the user to explore, analyse, and understand the structure of a web page. It has several views which visually and interactively expose the structure of the page, provide statistical insights, collect the color palette, and detect design patterns.

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Version 1.5 – February 29th, 2021
– improve auto-generated Vercel deployment links

Version 1.4 – February 29th, 2021
– add code generation and instant export to Codesandbox, Vercel, and teleportHQ’s REPL
– extend code export capabilities to any node of a webpage.
– several optimisations and improvements

Version 1.3 – January 25th, 2021
– several functional and visual improvements

Version 1.2
– link and assets tabs are fusioned
– assets tab allows inspection of all images, fonts and font-sizes, and exposes a list of all links


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