Phantompod:Get ten thousands of organic views for your LinkedIn posts so you can take your content marketing to the next level...

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Phantompod 简介

Get ten thousands of organic views for your LinkedIn posts so you can take your content marketing to the next level.

Phantompod is a growth hacking tool that allows content marketers to create and join LinkedIn engagement pods. Engagement pods help members to support each other by automatically liking, commenting, and sharing their LinkedIn posts.

LinkedIn’s algorithm organically boosts posts with higher engagement rates and hence with the help of pods, your posts will become viral in no time.

How to Use Phantompod?

Step 1: Install Phantompod Chrome extension

Step 2: Find and join relevant pods from the Pod Library or create your own pods and invite people.

Step 3: Share your posts on different pods to get likes, comments, and shares automatically.

Phantompod Features

✅ Join Unlimited Pods.

✅ Create Unlimited Pods.

✅ Submit Unlimited Posts.

✅ Create Private Pods for Free.

✅ Get likes, comments, and shares for your posts.

How does Phantompod handles your data?

In order to use Phantompod, you need to login to your LinkedIn account so it can have access to it in order to perform some automatic tasks.

Here are the following tasks that can be performed on your behalf when you use Phantompod:

Like and comment on from your profile on other people’s posts (ONLY if you are in the same pod – you can also review those settings when you join or create a pod).

Share other people’s posts (Currently, Phantompod is the only tool that provides this feature – you can review these settings when you join or create a pod).

Extract the number of post likes and profile views.


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