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Mindfulmeets 简介

For Google Meet, Zoom* & Microsoft Teams*

You can:

? Engage in team camaraderie through shareable GIFs and animated emojis.

? Create, view and progress through the onscreen agenda during video meetings

? See other guests’ job titles, locations and local times

? Exit quietly to prevent disruption; access appointment and scheduling information through the one inspiring and wellness-focused interface (stopping multi-tasking)

Mindfulmeets is the first video conferencing extension facilitating focused, empathetic and therefore more enjoyable video chats.

Mindfulmeets will improve everyone’s digital wellbeing by keeping team members on task and therefore more efficient, and, will encourage video chat guests to be mindful of others’ positions, commitments and time-zones.

Increased productivity, digital wellbeing and some giggles through GIFs – Mindfulmeets is set to become best-practice for video calls.

To come: this video conferencing tool provides an aggressive roadmap of new features – the most immediate including a ‘be right back’ status, to pause for office interruptions.

*Zoom and Microsoft Teams is currently limited to the web version of their conferences. The extension offers the ability to open conference links automatically with the web client if desired.

Help Center https://help.getmindfulmeets.com
Suggestions https://www.getmindfulmeets.com

Email us at hello@getmindfulmeets.com
Blog https://www.getmindfulmeets.com/blog
Twitter @mindfulmeets
Facebook https://facebook.com/mindfulmeets
Instagram https://instagram.com/mindfulmeets

-v1.2.0.3: Updated jquery
Fix for redirecting to Zoom web edition
Microsoft Teams media sharing and reminders update
Fix for agenda injection in Google calendar
Fix for Microsoft Teams media sharing popup
– v1.2.0: Major update to add support for Zoom and Microsoft Teams (web only)
Outlook calendar support
Remove new tab option from the main extension
New agenda handling functionality
Bug fixes and stability enhancements
– v1.0.12.2: Hotfix for issue with wallpaper choice effected by daylight savings
– v1.0.12.1: Fixes in agenda discrepancies
Fixes for reminders not showing in some instances
Fixes for agenda duration not being updated when editing the calendar event
Analytics update
– v1.0.12: multiple performance enhancements and fixes for agenda discrepancies
– v1.0.11: bug fixes to agenda and improved error logging
– v1.0.10: fixes to session handling, template compilation and logging
– v1.0.9: bug fixes and new promotional imagery
– v1.0.8: multiple bug fixes and layout adjustments, permissions for outlook calendar and additional video conference platforms
– v1.0.7: add production user settings links and bug fixes
– v1.0.6: bug fixes
– v1.0.5: add crossOrigin for remote images and other bug fixes
– v1.0.4: bug fixes
– v1.0.3: CORS and other fixes
– v1.0.2: Text updates
– v1.0.0: Initial upload


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