TabRocket New Tab Page

TabRocket New Tab Page 1.2.3

TabRocket New Tab Page:Your simple new tab page! Faster and better alternative to the Google New Tab Page!..

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TabRocket New Tab Page
TabRocket New Tab Page
TabRocket New Tab Page
TabRocket New Tab Page

TabRocket New Tab Page 简介

NOTE: It is recommended that you use my other extension, DashTab, instead of TabRocket:

TabRocket is your simple alternative to Google’s new tab page. The design has been stripped down to the bare essentials. Time, date, apps, and favorite websites. Access your favorite website with the Quick Links, and custom designed banners to complete the look.

– Simple, alluring new tab page
– Time and date in center
– Change the background, or use the default
– Chrome Apps shortcut
– Customizable Quick Links for your favorite websites*

Please give us a good review if you like TabRocket. We will continue to remain ad-free, but please share to show your support!

New in 1.2.2:
– Added Banners: Outlook Online, Craigslist, Netflix, Walmart, Imgur, and ESPN
– UI Improvements

New in 1.2.1:
– Fixed update issues with adding quick links

New in 1.2:
– Added Quick Links for your favorite websites
– Added custom banners for Quick Links
– Added spacebar functionality to welcome page
– Slightly revamped interface
– Help and Guide pages on website
– New default background
– Old default background still accessible
– Guides for using custom banners and backgrounds

New in 1.1.5:
– Fixed time-greeting

New in 1.1.4:
– Speed improvements
– Any background will work
– Background scaling issues fixed
– Change elements from white to black to suit any background

Fill out our contact form under the “Support Tab” if you have any inquiries.

*Quick links designed for US websites only. Ex. won’t work, only


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