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Auto Scroll Search:Search and automatically scroll pages that load more data when you scroll, like Facebook or Twitter feeds...

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Auto Scroll Search

Auto Scroll Search 简介

Ever see something on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or another site but can’t find it later? ?‍♂️ Want to search infinitely long pages for data? ?

With Auto Scroll Search you can search on pages that load more page data when you scroll. The extension will keep scrolling the page until it finds your search term or you tell it to stop.

TO USE: 1. Install the extension 2. Click the Auto Scroll Search icon (∞?) in the top right corner of your browser 3. A search bar will appear at the top of the page and you can enter your search term there and click Search. The page will start scrolling if no results are found or you go past the last result.

✔ Smoothly auto-scrolls pages to load more content ∞
✔ Works on any site or any page with scrolling — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Mastodon, etc. ?
✔ Choose ‘Click button’ to auto-click buttons to load more content ?
✔ ‘Stop’ button stops scrolling ?
✔ Pauses between scrolls to let new content load and not spam websites ?
✔ Navigate easily between search results with first, previous, next, and last buttons in the search bar ⏮ ◀️ ▶️ ⏭
✔ Switch tabs while your search runs and Auto Scroll Search will notify you in the tab title when a result is found ?
✔ ‘Scroll into view’ button lets you scroll the page to the currently highlighted search result if you scroll away ?
✔ Works on pages without scrolling / dynamically loaded content too ?

This is the ? BETA VERSION. Some things may not work correctly because the internet is a big place. If something doesn’t work, please use the contact link in the bottom right corner of the search bar instead of leaving a bad review and I’ll fix it ?


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