Robinhood Transaction History Downloader

Robinhood Transaction History Downloader 0.0.1

Robinhood Transaction History Downloader:Download Your Robinhood Transaction History to a CSV File..

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Robinhood Transaction History Downloader
Robinhood Transaction History Downloader
Robinhood Transaction History Downloader

Robinhood Transaction History Downloader 简介

Use this extension to download your trade history on Robinhood!

– Go to and login.
– Scroll down until you see all the transactions you want to download.
– Click the extension icon to open the popup and click the download button.

CSV Format:
The downloaded CSV will contain the following columns: date, time, type, symbol, action, quantity, price, amount, fees, details

– Works on stocks, options, and crypto-currencies
– Handles option exercises and assignments
– Consolidated transaction cards in the case of certain option orders like Iron Condors are also handled
– Different order types are handled properly

Your data *never* leaves your computer.

Use at your own risk! This tool is being provided for free as a gesture of good will. I built this tool as I needed my transactions for tax filing purposes and Robinhood’s support was no help. Robinhood’s transaction cards constantly change their format and are quite messy to begin with. This extension contains my best attempt at parsing them and extracting data in a clean format, but I make no promises on completeness or correctness of the data in the CSV file.

Feedback, Questions, or Concerns? Please send an email:


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