Prospect Role: Find email leads

Prospect Role: Find email leads 0.6

Prospect Role: Find email leads:Generate hundreds of leads with verified emails in seconds..

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Prospect Role: Find email leads
Prospect Role: Find email leads
Prospect Role: Find email leads
Prospect Role: Find email leads

Prospect Role 简介

With Prospect Role for Chrome, you can generate hundreds of email leads of LinkedIn profiles with specific role and country information. With just a few clicks.

Search Job position profiles
Select Job position and country and type of email type (,,,, …) and search.

The tool will combine multiple inputs you select and generate a variety of queries in Google that will be translated into a nice and clean spreadsheet for your Excel export in CSV or EXCEL file. You can generate a 1000 email leads in just a couple of minutes. It’s that easy.

Prospect Role is a good alternative to LinkedIn Sales Navigator and other lead generation tool. In fact, the prospect role is the only one that generates a spreadsheet of leads with emails so fast and for zero cost.

See video for a demonstration:

How many leads can I export? Is it free?
Yes, Prospect Role is free to use. You can export an unlimited amount of prospects.

What is exported?
You can export in .csv or .xlsx format
Data example:

What can be used for?
With Prospect Role you can support:

– Cold email campaigns: Generate hundreds of emails for your campaigns with personalized data fields (First name, Last name, Full name, Role, Email, Company, Country, LinkedIn URL)
– LinkedIn sales outreach: Generate LinkedIn leads with URL and use it with other 3rd party tools to automate connections and messaging (e.g. with Phantombuster)
– Recruiting: Generate a list of suitable candidates with LinkedIn Profiles for any open position

Who is it for?
Business owners
Growth hackers
Email marketers
Social media content specialists
Sales specialists

Prospect Role was built out of necessity to automate the prospecting and to support outreach activities in order to save time and money.

Prospect Role will become a go-to tool for professional that are searching for targeted profiles with verified business emails (e.g. Business owners, Product managers, Software developers, …) We aim to automate the most important parts of data enrichment processes.

Currently, Prospect role provides with personal emails only. Emails are publicly available and published by the users themselves.

Prospect Role can be a good addition to other tools that offer cold email marketing service solutions like and

For any questions you might have please contact us via support web form on our website

Our extended version will allow you to search for business emails, companies that fit your targeting needs geographically (Country and city), by industry and by employee size.

You will be able to find all available contacts and their verified business emails from a specific company and much more.

Download the extension and sign up to get more information about our upcoming features.


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