Gamepad Navigator

Gamepad Navigator 0.2.0

Gamepad Navigator:A Chrome extension that allows you to navigate web pages and Chromium-based browsers using a game controller...

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Gamepad Navigator
Gamepad Navigator
Gamepad Navigator
Gamepad Navigator

Gamepad Navigator 简介

The Gamepad Navigator allows the users to navigate browsers using a game controller and is an alternative to a keyboard or mouse for browser navigation.

The various buttons and analog sticks on the gamepad will serve as inputs for the different types of navigation features or browser actions. Using the configuration panel, users can redefine what each d-pad, thumbstick, button, and trigger does.

The configuration panel can be opened via keyboard using the hotkey “Alt + Shift + G”.

The following actions are supported:
* Click
* Focus on the previous / next element
* Scroll left / right / up / down
* Zoom in to / out of the active web page
* Open a new tab / window
* Close current tab / window
* Switch to the previous / next browser tab
* Switch to the previous / next browser window
* History navigation (back / next)
* Maximize / restore the size of current browser window
* Reopen the last closed tab or window


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