AdBlock for Video

AdBlock for Video 1.0.0

AdBlock for Video:Remove video ads before and during the watching. Block Pre-Roll ads on Youtube, FB, Vimeo and other..

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AdBlock for Video
AdBlock for Video
AdBlock for Video

AdBlock for Video 简介

Video AdBlocker – the Master Adblock for video ads. Block Pre-Roll ads on Youtube, FB, Vimeo and other
Block annoying video ads on your favorite video-sites, including beloved by everyone YouTube.

Video AdBlocker gives you an opportunity to enjoy the videos without interruptions and destructions, which can spoil the experience of watching videos.

After installation of Video Adblocker is complete, you would need to reload all your YouTube tabs in order to initiate the adblocker activation.

Once everything is set and Video Adblocker is activated the following types of ads will be blocked:
– Pre-roll video ads
– Text ads
– Banner ads

From that same moment you can start enjoying over 6000 video web-sites without annoying ads.

Note about YouTube: 
Youtube ™ & the YouTube logo are trademarks of Google Inc. Use of these trademarks is subject to Google Permissions. This extension is not created nor endorsed by Google inc.

Version 0.1.2
– permissions limited following the Google requirments
– thank you page added

Permission and privacy:
As all adblock extensions do, Video AdBlocker needs special permissions in order to remove ads on your favorite video web-sites. The adblock detection is being done on your computer, so the extension does not see nor track any of your browsing history or any personally identifiable information.

Terms of Use
The extension is provided on the “as is basis”. No guarantee or warranty is given with the use of this ” Video Adblock” software. The author shall not be held liable for any consequences by its use. Usage of “Video Adblock” extension means that you agree to these terms.


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