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From the creators of ChessOnSteroids. Chess guide for the popular chess website ==Steps for a..

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LichessOnSteroids 简介

From the creators of ChessOnSteroids.

Chess guide for the popular chess website

==Steps for activating the account==
• Register with your gmail account on
• Make the payment for the desired plan.
• Once the payment is succeeded, restart chrome browser as the license status sometimes get cached in the browser and then sign into chrome with the same account that you have used for registering your account
• The license would be activated.

• Handy in your chess improvements.
• Could be used for understanding games of strong GMs as it also suggests moves in spectator mode.

• With this extension you get 30 minute of free trial.
• You can decide to continue as a paid member or not, post the free trial.
• Activate the account here : bot extension.
This extension uses an advanced chess engine to suggest best moves on the fly (no need to click button to get suggestions and so on).
The ELO strength of the move suggesting engine is kept at ~2500.
The engine has been programmed to play like a human.

The extension provides best move suggestions by highlighting the tiles on the chess board. Lichess automated chess bot.

Policy : The extension is intended for learning purpose, the usage of the app for increasing ratings on websites by using this extension as a cheating engine is based solely on the users discretion.

Privacy Policy :- This extension doesn’t store any private user data.


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