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Beaut:Tip anyone online in 2 clicks without leaving the site you’re on!..

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Beaut 简介

Looking for an easy way to support people online? With Beaut saying ‘thank you’ is the easiest it’s ever been.

Tipping is as easy as clicking like – you can choose how much you’d like to tip with an unobtrusive overlay. Support people without even leaving the site you’re on!

To send tips to anyone online, just top up your account with ‘Pebbles’, our virtual tipping currency, and then tip away!

If you’re a creator this is the easiest way for your fans to support you online.
Or foster closer communities by tipping active commenters who make your online community what it is today.

In V1.0 tip anyone on YouTube. We will soon be adding tipping functionality for Twitter, Github, Stack Overflow and many more.


By using this add-on, you agree to the Beaut Terms & Conditions available at


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