Twemoji Everywhere

Twemoji Everywhere 1.1.2

Twemoji Everywhere:Replace emojis with Twitter emojis in your browser..

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Twemoji Everywhere
Twemoji Everywhere
Twemoji Everywhere

Twemoji Everywhere 简介

Twemoji Everywhere replace emojis with Twitter emojis

The extensions includes a whitelist or blacklist feature that allows you to enable/disable Twemoji Everywhere on certain pages.

Currently supports Twemoji 13.0.1

— V 1.1.2 —
Fix for blacklist not working for some emojis

— V 1.1.1 —
Fixed an issue with emoji blacklist that was preventing the extension from working properly. Added text to invite user to reload any active page to take into account newly added emoji to the blacklist.

— V 1.1.0 —
Added Emoji blacklist that prevents Twemoji Everywhere from parsing emojis added to that list.

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