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Gmappy:This extension will scrape google maps business listings...

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Gmappy 简介

This extension will scrape business listings from google maps.

If you are into digital marketing and spending a good amount of money in finding leads, then this extension is for you. You can simply target right people by doing simple search in google maps and grabbing their info.

It is pretty time consuming if do it by hand. This is where Gmappy comes into play. It is extremely simple and easy to use!

Extension will only TRY to pull social profiles and emails of first 50 businesses.

There is no limitation in PRO version. But social profile data and emails will be only shown if they exist in our API provider database. Since we make use of third party services to grab this info, we do not provide any guarantee that you will get such info about each and every business you scrape.

For any query, feel free to contact –


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