Twemex: Sidebar for Twitter™

Twemex: Sidebar for Twitter™ 0.4.1

Stop doomscrolling and start exploring. Twemex is a browser extension that enhances Twitter and guides you to the best content...

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Twemex: Sidebar for Twitter™
Twemex: Sidebar for Twitter™
Twemex: Sidebar for Twitter™
Twemex: Sidebar for Twitter™

Twemex 简介

See the official website:

Twitter can be a surprisingly effective memex: a tool for making connections between your own ideas and those of other people, all in public.

Until now, doing this required mastering a bunch of arcane search hacks. But with Twemex, it’s 10x easier to use Twitter as a memex.

# ⚙️ Sidebar Widgets
Twemex adds a sidebar to Twitter that automatically shows more context about the user or tweet you’re currently viewing.

⭐️ Highlights
See a user’s most popular tweets of all time. See someone’s best ideas, not the random thoughts they happened to post today.

? On this day
See tweets from this date in prior years. Get re-inspired by ideas from yourself and others.

? Quote Tweets
When viewing a tweet, instantly see quote tweets commenting on that tweet, to surf the web of related ideas.

# ?Enhanced Search

Twemex replaces the stock search bar with a more powerful UI, with convenient shortcuts and instant results as you type.

⌨️ Search Shortcuts
Use shortcut commands to efficiently find what you’re looking for.
– /me: Search your own tweets
– /follows: Search tweets from people you follow
– /user: Search tweets from the user you’re viewing

? Instant Sidebar Search
No more opening a new tab just to search. Twemex lets you search directly in the sidebar, with instant results as you type.

? Copy URL
Copy the URL of any tweet with one click, so you can quote a tweet in another thread, or just send to a friend.

COMING SOON: Search Likes and Bookmarks. Start getting value from the archives of ideas you’ve personally curated.

This extension is a third party product and is not officially created by or related to Twitter™.

For more info, see the website:


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