Pawmodoro Timer

Pawmodoro Timer 1.0

Pawmodoro Timer:A chill little timer that fills up like a fishtank or drains like an hourglass as it counts down...

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Pawmodoro Timer
Pawmodoro Timer
Pawmodoro Timer
Pawmodoro Timer

Pawmodoro Timer 简介

Customize your productivity with the Pomodoro Technique. Alternate between work and break periods (so that you don’t accidentally wind up taking an indefinite break) for maximum efficiency.

Specify a chunk of time for working, and when that period of time is up, take a (preferably short) break – the timer will switch between focus and rest sessions for you and alert you with an absolutely spiffing chime.

You can:

– adjust the length of work or break periods (you can set 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds, but, ah. We would not recommend it for sanity reasons)
– toggle ambient music on and off
– change the number of work-break sessions you would like to schedule (the timer will automatically count through them for you!)

Pawmodoro Timer does not record user data or show ads (we don’t like what it does to the aesthetic). Happy productivity!


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